Rime: Screenshots for the PS4 exclusive game

Rime Reveal Full

Tequila Works the developers of Deadlight have announced a new PS4 exclusive. Rime is an open world adventure game and it looks great!

We reported earlier today on Rime which is an open world, third person adventure game with puzzle elements, it set on an island in the middle of nowhere. A young boy who is trapped on this island must escape not only the confinement of this island, but also a terrible curse which follows in the shadows of his journey.

Below are some screenshots of the world in which the trapped young boy inhabits:


Now is not a good time to be afraid of heights, but how on earth did he get up there in the first place?



One can only believe that this is not the perspective of the boy, unless he's Kryptonian.

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Life's a beach. Best stay out of the water though! Its probably infested with sharks and all kinds of other things.


We'll keep you updated on any new information and developments, Let us know what you are think of the game so far in the comments below.


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