Rime: Playstation 4 exclusive from Deadlight creators

Rime Ps4

Rime is an open world third person adventure game created by Tequila Works. It is exclusive to PlayStation 4.

Tequila Works, creators of "Deadlight" which is currently free with Games with Gold, have announced a new upcoming title, Rime.This game is an open world third person adventure with puzzle elements and has a style similar to that of "Journey" and uses a cel-shaded art style to accomplish phenomenal in game environments.

The game had originally started out as a project called "Echoes of Siren" which was designed as an RPG with hunting, crafting and a day and night cycle which would require tower-defense styled activities and avatar customization... The project was then scrapped and changed to Rime, however certain elements from Echoes of Siren still retain like the day/night cycle.

From what little we know so far, a boy is stuck on an island and needs to take on a dangerous journey to escape both the island and a curse. Trekking around the island while playing as the boy who will be the protagonist, will involve puzzle solving and open world exploring. There is no vocal narrative to explain why this boy is here, the island's environment and audio will be the narrator of this journey.

The game was originally proposed as an exclusive for Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade, who initially gave them the green light. Due to complications with Microsoft's policies however, the project was later rejected because it did not correspond with the multiplayer/social gaming criteria. Sony then approved a development budget for the game which has now become an exclusive title to the PlayStation 4.

Check out the official trailer and see it for yourself.

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