S.O.M.A: New screenshots, trailers and plot update


S.O.M.A is a first person sci-fi horror developed by the creators of Amnesia. Check out the latest screenshots and videos.

S.O.M.A is starting to sound (and look) like a great game and we've got some great screenshots and videos for you and a few more tantalising details on the plot which takes place in the depths of a remote underwater facility called PATHOS-2 which alien constructs have re-engineered the building and the staff have fallen silent. The machines in the facility have developed human traits and utilizes the human brain as a core processor. Subject to experiments, many people inside the facility have been lobotomized to the extent where they are left without brains.

Sounds good? Well that's not all. Below are four exciting, mysterious screenshots, two Llve action trailers and a new cinematic trailer for S.O.M.A.


2 Questions. How did your brain end up here? How did you get here without a brain?


Ah, the good old experiment room, safer not to ask what they have done to you. This guy wasn't so lucky...


Is he even alive? What happened to him?

The Walls Live

Wonder whats through here, hold on, something's not right...

Below are two live action trailers and a new trailer for the game:
Disclaimer: Trailers Contain Swearing.

S.O.M.A: Item #4017 "Mockingbird"

S.O.M.A: Item #2656 "Vivarium"

S.O.M.A: Lambda Trailer

Each trailer reveals something rather extra-ordinary, the machines almost seem to be alternate realities of the humans and some sort of artificial duality is present. This concept is looking more interesting as more information is discovered.

That's all for now, we will keep you updated. Let us know what you think in the comments below...

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