Human Element: Survival RPG coming to Consoles, PC and Tablet

Ask yourself this, What is the biggest threat in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Is it the zombies? Is it the survivors? Is it the virus itself? Or is it the fear of the apocalypse which drives people to extremes in order to survive? If this game has one major role, it is to explore the "human element" of a Zombie Apocalypse.

The game itself is going to take place 35 years after a deadly outbreak that changed the world as we know it.

Human interaction and post-apocalyptic societal features are going to play a vital role in this experience; our traditional, kill everything interpretation of the zombie apocalypse is going to change.

Now as a more social experience, there are going to be many different type of people with different things on their minds and that is one thing the developers want to focus on. "What i find interesting is a world that has a variety of people in it. If you have a world that's just all soldiers, that's one dimensional. That's flat. Lets look at the world that's more than just shooting guys in the face" Robert Bowling, president of Robotoki Studios tells us. So we are certainly going to be interacting in different ways with different people and in the process, learning who is friendly and who isn't. A reveal picture for the game shows a man looking after a young girl, could this be the protagonist?

Multi-player has also been confirmed for game, but no information other than a confirmation has been revealed because of the game's early stage in development. As for the core mechanics, Robert explains "when you're talking about the campaign, because the multiplayer will be very different, we're not ready to get into that yet. But when you're talking about that campaign, think of it as a First Person, RPG survival game. "I don't like to say shooter, while there will be shooting mechanics in it, i don't like to peg it as a shooter 'cause there is so much more depth to it than that". So its clear that unlike some of the other Zombie games we may be familiar with, we won't be spending the whole time shooting.

Robert also had this to say about the tablet versions which sounds quite interesting "What we're doing on tablet is a completely different look." We already know the game will be available on console, but PC and Tablet have also been confirmed. Whether this title will appear on the Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3 remains unanswered. "its going to be a while so we're aiming for next gen and then PC and Tablet is our major focus."

Since there is no trailer, below is an E3 interview with Machinima and Robert Bowling. 

The game currently remains in a very early stage of development but will be expected to launch in 2015. We will keep you updated here at H.I.T.C.

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