An Adventure with Lara Croft, Tomb Raider III (Part 1)

Tomb Raider 3 South Pacific Islands

A blast from the past, quite literally! Tomb Raider is on an adventure across the globe to hunt down artifacts associated with a meteorite.

Most gamers from the 90s who were in possession of a Playstation 1 will remember the original Tomb Raider games; In fact, Lara Croft was quickly recognized as one of the first female protagonists in videogame history alongside Samas Aran from Metroid. Both of these video game characters have heavily influenced an increase in female involvement and have definitely helped improve and elevate woman's status in video-games.

This feat alone is not what makes these iconic female characters stand out. Lara Croft and Samas Aran (from Nintendo's Metroid franchise) had one thing in common in that they were the complete opposite of the stereotypical ideal of a woman; you would certainly not want to get on Lara's bad side. This had a huge impact on the gaming industry and games. Tomb Raider is definitely one of the most iconic titles of the PS1.

The Third installment of the Tomb Raider franchise, released in 1998 for the PC and PlayStation One. Lara Croft, the most bad-ass British female archaeologist on the planet, embarks on yet another adventure, this time from the depths of an Indian jungle to the icy wastes of Antarctica. Lara embarks on a journey across the globe.

Millions of year before the present day, a meteorite enters Earth's atmosphere landing somewhere in Antarctica and decimating a large amount of life-forms in the once tropical continent.

A corporation known as RX Tech have set out to Antarctica to excavate the site under the guidance of the lead scientist, Dr. Mark Willard. During the excavation, Raptor Nui statues are revealed along with the body of one of Charles Darwin's sailors.

Lara Croft journeys across 5 different areas of the globe; India, Nevada, London, South Pacific Islands and eventually Antarctica. (Nevada, London and South Pacific Island can be played in any order).

Of course with a new game, means new features right? Yes definitely. Lara can now crawl and sprint, the controls are more fluid than the previous games, there are more weapons, new environments. If you were a fan of the previous games then you won't have a problem loving this one. But its a challenging game, alterations to the saving system mean that you now have to find save crystals in the level so that you can save the game, which can be done through using your inventory. It gets annoying, especially if you made use of the save anywhere features from Tomb Raider II. The game's difficulty has taken a step up making saves incredibly vital.

What really defines this game however, is the plot and the variety of locations Lara visits, and that is exactly what we are going to be showing you in the next article...

The Official Trailer from the Eidos

Part 2 of our retro look back is coming Soon...

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