Indie games roundup (April 20th)

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Our weekly look-back at happenings in the world of indie games.

The successes, the start-ups and the kooky left-field weirdness plucked from the rich tapestry weaved by indie games creators. This week we saw:

Star Citizen

It hit the news this week that Star Citizen has netted a staggering $42m in crowdfunding. The Kickstarter mega-star is the project of Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts and sometime in 2015 it will put PC gamers in a dynamic MMO space sim with some incredible looking dog-fighting action. $42m is a lot but big MMOs can run into hundreds of millions, check out the video below though, there’s a huge community behind Star Citizen already, we think you’ll appreciate why. Deep Thought Concluded that 42 was the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything, marking this milestone in funding hugely significant for sci-fi fans.

Hover: Revolt Of Gamers

HRoG hits Kickstarter this weekend after getting a Steam Greenlight. Check out the open world parkour fun in the kickstarter video below. Somewhere between Jet Set Radio and Mirrors Edge HRoG is promising Oculus Rift support to test the sealegs of even the most hardened VR gamers, plus you’re on a mission to liberate gaming consoles confiscated by the anti-gaming authorities in this game, a truly just and noble cause.

Stunt Guy 2

We saw a publicity stunt for an iOS stunt game that involved a pretty impressive bit of low-rent stunt riding. Stunt Guy 2 came out for free on the app store this week and comes from UK indie devs Kempt who’ve had over a decade in the business of, ‘making fun, playable and largely very silly games.’ Kempt MD Christ Kempt cleared three double decker buses as shown in the video below, well done Chris!

Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium

A bit of nostalgia for PC gamers? How could we resist? The Commodore C64 was the best selling home computer in history and hails from a much simpler age for computer gaming, before PCs became monsters of persistant upgrading. Sam Dyer’s book Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium reached its Kicksrtarter goal during the week and has gathered an impressive list of contributors, pulling together to celebrate the old school games that in many ways kicked all this off - and all without having to wait half an hour for your Novaload tape to load.


Devs Spark Plug Games have all ready got a fully featured playable version of MechRunner but have taken to Kickstarter to get your input to help with those all-important finishing touches. MechRunner will have you playing as a shape-shifting mech out on a robot killing mission in an alternative 1940s game universe hit by the discovery of alien tech. MechRunner is planned for PC, PS4 and VITA in July. Check out the fast paced action below and get involved with the Kickstarter if you want to make your mark on the finished game.


That’s this week’s indie picks done with, more soon. What are your indie faves right now?

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