Grand Theft Auto Online: What Could update 1.13 bring?

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Possibilities of heists coming very soon? Multiple apartments? Here is a look at some new features which will be making an appearance on GTA Online.

The question, "why can't we own multiple properties?" has lingered among the Grand Theft Auto community for quite some time, and until recently the question has remained unanswered. Update 1.13, or commonly known as the "High Life" Update has been speculated to add a ton of new properties and garages for purchase in game. The update will also finally feature the ability to own multiple properties which is now a promised feature so you better start saving up. How many additional properties you can own remains a mystery, but you won't be stuck with a 10 car garage if you are rich enough to become a high roller. Rumors of a casino themed DLC will certainly compliment this lifestyle if they turn out true. 

That's not all that will be included however, Rockstar will be revealing the inner psychopath in some people, quite literally! With the inclusion of a "Mental State" statistic, other players will be able to examine the previous behavior of other players so we'll get to separate Mr. Nice Guy from the average socio-path, however, who hasn't been on a tank rampage yet?

The blind eye ability has been added and is available now allowing the player to call Lester and get a no wanted level, for a short amount of time. Other updates which will be arriving soon include the ghost (no collision) option for races, extra RP for leaving feedback on jobs and a crackdown on cheaters.

There is no new information on heists, but it seems like they are on their way. The chances are that the long anticipated heists will be included in the "High Life" update. We will just have to wait and see...

The question remains will update 1.13 "high life" or will these features be introduced in a following update, it certainly seems like 1.13 could be introducing  some of these features.

So the big question is, when will this update launch? Our guess is the end of this month. H.I.T.C will keep you updated as always.

Are you looking forward to the new features? Or is the game running dry? Let us know what you think.

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