Manchester United making a smart push for more realistic transfer targets?

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It can be argued Marco Reus and Toni Kroos are just out of Manchester United's league right now. Focusing on players from Sporting Lisbon and Southampton seems to be a more promising tactic.

Just imagine if Mainz would like to sign Eden Hazard. Ridiculous? Of course it is, but United’s attempt of purchasing Marco Reus also doesn’t seem to make much sense - at least from the player’s perspective.

Both Mainz and Manchester United are currently seventh in the tables of their respective country, whereas Hazard and Reus have to be seen as the best midfielders of the second placed teams in the tables.

Of course Manchester United has still a lot more tradition, financial and sporting power than Mainz, but at the moment there is nothing apart from money that they could possibly offer players like Reus or Kroos. The team is in a transition process and most likely won’t play in the Champions League next season.

Under Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United were always one of the best teams in Europe and every Bundesliga player would have loved to play under the coaching legend, but the truth is that these times are over. Joining United at the moment would be like joining AC Milan. A big names but with little success right now.

This doesn’t mean that it couldn’t change very quickly. If United are lucky and take the right decisions then they might have a great comeback year. However, there’s no guarantee for that and not only the media is doubting it.

An example is how the German media described Wayne Rooney, probably still United’s best player, before the Champions League match against Bayern. The former German national player Thomas Berthold said that Rooney has been “for a long time totally overrated”, the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung stated a “creeping decline” and Sport1 asked rhetorically if he is “only a tragic figure”.

In the same article one of Germany’s leading sports websites described what probably most of the German football fans think. “The squad of the Red Devils is over-aged and needs a transition. It is anything but clear if Sir Alex Ferguson‘s highly controversial successor David Moyes is able to manage that”.

These statements have nothing to do with arrogance but instead of that just describe the current situation. Of course players like Reus or Kroos could help the Red Devils to dramatically improve next season, but why should they take the risk to join this unpredictable project? Both are regular starters at two teams which are among the best in Europe.

Especially Marco Reus doesn’t seem to care only about money. When he moved from Moechengladbach to Dortmund, Bayern were also interested in him and he would have definitely earned more money there. However, he decided to join his former youth team and go back to the city where his friends and family live.

If he didn’t go to Bayern back then, why should he now join Manchester United?

Also Toni Kroos decided to stay at least another year at Bayern and he will certainly be interested in United’s development during the next season. Manchester United is still a big name with a lot of tradition in European football, but referring to the past is often an indication that things aren’t going too well in the present.

Potential switches for William Carvalho and Luke Shaw make far more sense. From their clubs, United are still a step up, but the same can no longer be said of Bayern and Dortmund, at least for 12 months.

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