Wii U Mario Kart 8 console bundle rumoured

Mario Kart 8

Nintendo Europe will reportedly offer the game with the console and a Wii U Karaoke trail.

News of the Mario Kart 8 premium bundle surfaced on French site Gameblog and allegedly will offer the game, a black 32GB console, a GmaePad,and a seven day trial on Wii U Karaoke. As with other premium bundles it’s expected you can pick up the lot for €299 (around £245)

Mario Kart 8 Bundle


For gamers already rocking their Wii U a limited edition Mario Kart 8 pre-order offer is available ahead of the May 30th release date. This will offer a physical copy with the notorious Spiny Shell as a collectable model.

While you’re waiting you can get your hands on a copy of the US version of the SNES Super Mario Kart title running at 60hz for £5.49 via the Wii U eShop. Purchasers of the SNES revamp will also be offered a £5.49 discount on the digital copy of Mario Kart 8 if they buy it between release and June 30th.

There’s not much longer to wait until Mario Kart makes its 8th gen debut, this will surely lead to a welcomed upturn in WII U console sales. We posted some screens here and the Nintendo trailer here. Mario Kart 8 looks to be making the Wii U shine.

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