The Order 1886: Coming exclusively to PlayStation 4


The Order 1886 is an action-adventure game set in an alternate version of London, It is coming to PS4 and will be exclusive to this platform.

The Order 1886 is a single-player third person shooter, action/adventure game published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and developed by Ready At Dawn, coming out exclusively on PlayStation 4 this year.

The basic back story is as follows: The year is 1886 in an alternate version of London which has technology such as Zeppelins, electric weaponry and thermal imaging. These technologies are available for an established order of knights that keep the world safe form a group of human hybrids with bestial traits known as "half-breeds". The knights however are losing the war primarily because of the strength of the opponents caused by their bestial abilities and the lack of technology to fight them, despite outnumbering them. The outbreak affected some humans who became infected and then took on bestial traits and characteristics which happened approximately eight centuries before 1886.

Centuries after the outbreak, civilization turns its hopes to King Arthur and the knights of the round table, who stumble across "Black Water" which is a mysterious liquid that enhances healing and expands the human life span. With these advantages, the fight is taken to the enemy. However, it isn't long before King Arthur begins to realize that the war is being lost and the gruesome war commences.

The Industrial Revolution turns the technological tide for mankind. The order have almost declared martial law and new inventions have given them the upper hand against their enemies. However,  a new threat emerges which plunges the knights into a conflict on their very doorstep, this is between the social classes. The knights support the rich and noble, but the uprising of this civil conflict and the distraction that this will cause is going to leave the city of London vulnerable.

"Great stories are built out of multiple people, not a single hero", Ru Weerasuriya; CEO of Ready at Dawn Studios, tells us.

The player will be part of a squad throughout the game and the "people change because of their surroundings" theme is something that these developers want to emphasize and clearly express with the characters.

Little more is known about the game, however a trailer is shown below for a more visual description, and as always, let us know what you think.

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