Earth Defence Force 2025: Should you get it?

Earth Defense Force 2025 Screen 1

Earth Defence Force is without doubt one of the craziest third person shooters you will ever play on the PS3 or Xbox 360. But is it worth buying?

So what is Earth Defence 2025? Many players among the gaming community will have probably never heard of this title. "Pure Chaos" is somewhat true, yet it still seems to fail to deliver an accurate reflection of this game. You probably will not have played anything quite like this before. Its even more over the top than the Saints Row series. Disclaimer: If you have a fear of insects, don't even bother, or you can enjoy shooting them, just acknowledge that there are more than just a few creepy-crawlies.

Earth Defence Force (EDF) 2025 is a ridiculously crazy third person shooter, set 8 years after its predecessor "EDF 2017". The EDF soldiers are tasked with defending the Earth from a deadly invasion consisting of Giant Ants, Giant Spiders, Giant Tarantulas, Giant Wasps, even Dragons and Aliens!
Your objective is simple as soon as yo enter a mission: Kill everything that looks like an insect, infact kill anything that does not look human, unless its on your side!

The environment are also completely destructible with no penalty for collateral damage. Save the city by destroying the city?  Not a problem as far as this game goes. Well, perhaps the picture below will explain how the ends justify the means this time round. This must be a Giant, Giant Spider!

EDF 2025 Screenshot 01

Players will have four classes to chose from each offering rather unique tactical abilities...

Ranger: This is your standard soldier, probably one of the most combat efficient units you have at your disposal. Even though this unit may feel under-powered in comparison to some of the other classes; it may not have the flight and laser weapons the Wing Diver offers, it may not have a selection of vehicles like the air raider, but the ranger takes a relatively agile front line role. You can expect a lot of fire-power from this class as you will have snipers, rocket and missile launchers, machine guns, shot guns etc... so you won't have a problem taking down your enemies. Like the Wing Diver and Air Raider, this class can carry 2 weapons, a primary and secondary.

EDF Ranger
Wing Diver: "Goddesses of Victory" as referred to by the A.I, these fast, agile fliers can cause some serious damage and cover large areas in a matter of seconds. Armed with energy weapons including laser rifles and plasma cannons in combination with the ability of flight is what makes this class strategically unique in comparison to the other classes. However, the jet-pack will need to recharge every so often so make sure to make effective use of your time in the air.


Air Raider: These guys may not have the benefits of the other classes, they may not have the flight, the heavy armour or heavy fire power... But this class has something that perfectly compliments co-op play: Vehicles and Air strikes, some of the vehicles even require multiple players to operate. Tanks, APCs, Artillery, Helicopters, Motorcycles, Even Mechs! In terms of support, this class can provide some deadly fire-power and assistance.

8565xedf4 (57)

Fencer: Nothing less than a mech suit which can take 4 weapons into combat. Heavy armor and Heavy fire-power, but very slow! This class can take a lot of damage and can cause a lot with the right weapons, it is not agile however.
It does not need to be particularly agile since right in the centre of an enemy infestation is the perfect spot!

Earth Defense Force

The game itself is quite extraordinary and offers some extremely fun gameplay. The weapon selection is incredible, there are over 700 weapons in the game, 700!, 175+ for each class. Plethora is an understatement in regard to the amount of tools and weapons you have at your disposal to save the planet. The game features 85 missions and multiple difficulty stages from easy to "inferno" which is somewhere along the lines of the developer's interpretation of hell.

Now the game holds a heavy price tag for what it provides. That being around £34, although it is now on discount at game for 17.99. This is certainly not a game for graphics, especially not if you are picky... 

The graphics are actually pretty terrible. The gameplay combat mechanics, animations, controls (which are pretty confusing) and special effects also seem very poorly executed. A lot more could be done with the game, especially on more powerful machines such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is not however a bad game, not in any way even despite the moans. Hours of gameplay can be invested without anything to regret, if fun was an object, its right here and the experience is most certainly unlike any other. 

So that leaves us falling back on the big question. Is it worth the money?
The answer, Yes! At discount, definitely. Despite the flaws, we certainly think so. This game is a without doubt a must play, if you find yourself bored and don't have this game, you are missing out on the very cure.

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