Evolve: New screenshots released

Evolve Cover

Four guys, one giant monster and a batch of fresh screens from PAX East 2014

Evolve is one of the titles we’re getting excited about this year. It’s throwing some fresh light on multiplayer co-op FPS content by having a 4 player team battle it out with a single player monster that can ‘evolve’ to gargantuan size.

The screens below have just come back from PAX East 2014 and show off some of the gameplay. Kitted out with some high-powered mech toys the co-op ‘human’ classes aren’t looking as though they’re any less interesting to play than the big, bad monster. We’ve heard about one monster so far, the 'Goliath' but these new screens are also showing some of the other alien life that inhabits the Evolve jungle game-world.

We’re presuming these screens are from a high end gaming rig so can’t vouch as yet as to how the game will be looking on the consoles. Evolve is 8th gen only, it’s coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so given this we expect it to be reaching for high-end graphics performance.

Evolve Screen 1

Goliath abilities select screen  


Evolve screen 2

I call shotgun on Jetpack Jim


Evolve Screen 3

Futuristic big game hunter


Evolve Screen 4

Squaring up to the wildlife


Evolve Screen 5

Mammothbirds (see also Squidraptors)


Evolve Screen 6

An idea of the scale of things, Goliath > you


What do you think about Evolve? Is the multiplayer throwing up enough fresh gameplay to grab your interest?

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