Destiny: Latest screenshots revealed of Bungie Studios epic new FPS


Its getting closer to summer and the countdown for Destiny is getting shorter and shorter with only five Months left before this game finally hits the stores!

Its been a while since we have had any updates on Destiny and with the Beta fast approaching this will mean new gameplay, new content and new information to talk about.

However, until then, here are some awesome screenshots we've rounded up which are a feast for the eyes!

Looks like we're in for a shootout!

Destiny, Mars
I'm glad i'm not in that guys shoes, that's for certain.

Screenshot Venus10
What a lovely view!

Destiny, Mars 2
How exciting, a moon base by the looks of things!

Accelerator Screenshot
Hmm... Whats down here.

Destiny 41

Interesting, Mars during nightfall.

Destiny, Night Time Mars

Another nasty situation!

Screenshot Venus05
Reinforcements have arrived... This can't be good!

Destiny 18

Do you think they have spotted us yet?

Screenshot Venus09

Are you looking forward to Bungie's new Shooter? Let us know in the comments below.

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