Xbox One update – Friend notifications, improved wireless connectivity

Xbox One System

The latest firmware update is available for your Xbox One, and we’ve outlined what’s changing for you.

Over on Major Nelson’s blog he gave us the heads up on what the latest update will bring to Microsoft’s flagship console. He did state that some of the features were rolled out last night, but others would come ‘over the next few days.’

The improvements to the friends features are one of the most notable; when friends or favourites sign in you will receive a notification. The friends notifications were a priority for this update, according to Microsoft, as it was one of the most requested features. You will also be able to see which of your friends are in multiplayer by looking at the friends list. You would think that these features would come as standard, but I guess they're better late than never, eh?

The improvement aimed at the controller and headset adaptor will reduce the audio static and improve the connection of the wireless link. A progress bar is also being introduced, which will indicate the status of your game saves, with the addition of being able to easily identify which games and apps have been recently updated.

Any Xbox One owners who have their console in Instant On mode won’t have to do a thing, as their console will update automatically, then return to standby once finished. This will mean you won’t have to turn your console on going forward. But, if you do want to manually update your console instead, you can alter this option under the system settings menu.

Other updates include improvements to Blu-ray player app, whilst also offering an updated 50 Hz video output enhancement for content recorded at 50 Hz. There are Kinect voice and motion command improvements too, which will ensure a reduction in non-hand objects triggering gesture commands. So if you're walking past your Xbox One wielding a Kebab hopefully it won't be picked up and trigger any commands now, phew.

Do you own an Xbox One? Are there any features you’d like to see introduced in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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