Google acquire drone company originally courted by Facebook


Titan Aerospace have been bought by Google as they shift from balloons to drones in the conquest to bring web connectivity to the world.

We reported last month that Facebook were in talks with Titan Aerospace with the intention of launching thousands of solar powered automated aircraft to bring the internet to the billions that don’t yet have it.

This was in competition to Google’s Project Loon which plans to use air-balloons to spread the web. Google it seems have taken notice of Zuckerberg’s beliefs that drones serve the purpose better and have now announced the acquisition of Titan Aerospace following Facebook’s lead. 

Facebook have since plumped for UK firm Ascenta hiring a team there to work on similar tech to Titan as they lay out their challenge in the race to bring cheap internet to the world.

With Google’s fascination for mapping things the drones could open up some useful data-gathering possibilities for Google Maps, alhough the claims from Titan that their Aircraft can stay in autonomous flight for years at a time have yet to be proven.