Fallout 3: One of the Best RPGs to Date (Part Four)


The final part of the overview of Fallout 3 where we cover the fantastic downloadable content for the game.

This is the final part of our in-depth feature on Fallout 3 so before reading, if you haven't checked out the previous articles, below are links to the previous parts.

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If you have already read the above parts then carry on with our final part in the series where we look at the DLC content that is available for Fallout 3.

Operation Anchorage

In this expansion, the player follows a distress call from Brotherhood Outcasts, who require specific technology gain access to an armoury full of pre-war tech, The technology required to do that is attached to the players arm; The Pip-Boy 3000.

The player enters a simulation which takes him/her to Anchorage, Alaska during the great war. The player takes on the role of an American Soldier tasked with defeating Chinese soldiers in order to defend Alaska from the Chinese invasion. The player has to complete various objectives to disable a pulse mine field and kill the Chinese general. After completing the simulation, the player then opens the armoury and can take all of the items from the simulation. However, the outcasts are not accustomed to sharing.

Point Lookout

The player is in for an odd surprise when a riverboat is discovered along the river leading up to the Jefferson Memorial. Aboard is a sailor who will offer a riverboat ticket the point lookout state park for 400 bottle caps (in game currency). Upon arriving at point lookout, the player is introduced to an area which remains unaffected by the nuclear explosions; although ot immune to the radiation, but a place which has been left behind. The state park is now occupied by strange tribal people, feral ghouls and swamp folk which are a group of deranged hillbillies with the intentions of killing, and probably eating the player.

The player will find a large mansion which a ghoul is defending from tribesmen, after defending this mansion, the ghoul will then ask the player to infiltrate the tribe HQ.

The player must take an initiation test by going to a remote part of the map to retrieve something scared to the tribal folk, however, the player is ambushed and wakes up with a chunk of his/her brain missing and several scars along the top of the head from the lobotomy. The player must then seek out the leader of the tribe.

The Pitt

In this expansion, after receiving a distress call from an escaped slave the player heads off to a secluded part of the map known as "The Pitt". The Pitt is one of the Slaver HQs in the capital wasteland. Upon arriving at the gate, the player takes on the role of a slave and is tasked with heading into the industrial facility to collect ingots. However, the extreme levels of radiation have mutated some of the slaves into vicious creatures called "Trogs" and these become a threat to the player.

After a few missions, the arena is advertised and the player is nominated to take part in a fight to the death with some of the toughest raiders in the capital wasteland.

After surviving, the player is introduced to the slave leader and can chose either to side with the slave leader and wipe out the slave revolution, or side with the slaves, steal the slave master's baby (which happens to be the cure for the Trog virus) and release the Trogs into uptown, the raider settlement above the slave pen, killing the raiders which inhabit the industrial facility.

Mothership Zeta

Upon discovering a Crashed U.F.O in the wasteland, the player comes to a halt when a bright light appears from the sky and starts elevating the player into the air. In this expansion, you have been abducted by an extra-terrestrial race, which have apparent been monitoring the planet long before the Great War. Your objective is simple... You need to get out of the containment unit you are being held in and off the mothership.

After escaping the unit, the player has to fight through the mothership to get to the control room and kill the alien captain. Several characters are met along the way, including an ancient samurai warrior armed with a katana (yes, you read that correctly!) who you are completely unable to understand, a wild-western cowboy with a six shooter gun and a medic from the Great War. However, later in the expansion, after accidentally alerting another nearby alien vessel, the player has to engage in a deadly space battle with another alien mothership!

Broken Steel

The player joins the Brotherhood of Steel on a mission that will take him/her to Adam's Air Force Base, the Enclave HQ of the capital wasteland, established after the destruction of Raven Rock. The mission is to destroy the remnants of the Enclave in Washington D.C to allow project purity to function and to stop the Enclave from taking over the water purifier and infecting the water supply with the F.E.V by eradicating them and the threat they pose to the survivors.

This expansion adds an after-game to Fallout 3 allowing the player to continue the game after it is complete.

Fallout 3 currently stands as one of the best RPGs in the market, no review or overview could attempt to explain how expansive this game actually is and it is is a must buy/play. If you haven't already, you should definitely check out this incredible title as you won't regret it.

Are you a fan of the series? what's you're favourite moment in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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