Upcoming PS4 games 2014 (Part Five)

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More PS4 games coming out this year that we're expecting to do well

As the year progresses we’re seeing an increasing number of entries into the PS4 games catalogue that make it clear players are getting plenty of choice. If your PS4 game collection is looking a little on the small side now there’s plenty still to come. Here’s five more PS4 games we’re looking at with anticipation.

The Evil Within. - August 29th

The Evil Within publishers Bethesda are keeping a lot of the details of Tango Gameworks latest horror action title under wraps. This certainly seems an attempt not to over-hype things rather than a sign that this game is going to lack anything. The Evil Within has brought in Resident Evil’s Shinji Mikami and the teaser videos we’ve seen bear many of the hallmarks of his best work, so expect to be on the edge of your gore-drenched seats with this one. We put up an overview of the game here, a trailer is below.

Trials Fusion - April 16th

We’re just in time to herald Trials Fusion the latest in the Trials series which Ubisoft is bringing to the 8th gen with deeper customisation, multiplayer features and the addition of some awesome air-time tricks to pull off. There’s more detail on Trials Fusion here and a trailer below showing off the multiplayer game. Get ready to crash your biker in many excruciatingly graphic ways.

Child of Light - April 30th

OK so this is a smaller, more indie looking title but we’re surprised that many of the big game sites aren’t calling this one out. Like Trials Fusion, Child of Light is another Ubisoft title outside of the blockbuster action game comfort zone. It’s refreshing to see eclectic side projects from big name studios seeing the light of day and we’re particularly interested to try out this one. Join Aurora a girl plucked from 19th century Austria and placed in the mystical world of Lemuria as she sets about on the honourable task of bringing back the sun, moon and stars. Styled with references to Studio Ghibli manga this game has some gorgeous artwork and a game world reminissant of LIMBO. But this isn’t just a straight platformer, Child of Light will have you levelling-up RPG style and fighting with a similar turn based combat system to Final Fantasy VIII. For a smaller title Child of Light promises to offer plenty of play-hours. Check out the trailer this game looks beautiful don’t you think?

Assassin’s Creed Unity - TBA 2014

Ubisoft are back in the safe-zone with this one. Assassin’s Creed Unity represents the 8th gen outing of the hit climb-and-sneak spectacular. This time you’ll be parkouring it across Paris during the French Revolution. Will we get to storm the Bastille? This could be a lot of fun and might well turn up given the game’s past form for nailing in historical references to give Assassin’s Creed depth. Whether pre-rendered or not graphics looked great in 18th century France or so the trailer tells us.

The Last of Us Remastered - TBA 2014

You can’t keep anything a secret from gamers for too long. Last week following some hints and leaks Sony confirmed that the Last of Us will be getting a HD PS4 port. The general consensus; this is a good thing and something to be celebrated and it may consequently bring on an up-surge of PS4 sales. The reputation of The Last of Us goes before it as a highly acclaimed, beautifully made and realised game with more tangible human characterisations than some films. A teaser trailer is out which we have shared below. If you need reminding tha Thet Last of Us got loads of awards the trailer will help although there’s a big spoiler in it for anyone that’s never played The Last of Us, you have been warned.

 That’s all for now but do check out our earlier entries in this series for other big games landing on PS4 this year. We’ll be sure to be back later with some more upcoming titles for you. In the emantime please feel free to add your comments about any of the games you have or haven’t seen us harping on about.

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