The Evil Within: Creepy screenshots galore!

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The Evil Within is a psychological horror/action game published by Bethesda Softworks. We have some of the latest screenshots for you to feast your eyes on!

What is it with Psychiatric Wards and Horror Games? Always unanswered, the question seems to linger in our subconscious as we plunge our way through some of these terrifying new titles. For many a psychological horror in a psychological health centre seems like the perfect partnership. I however certainly don't want to be visiting one any time soon after having a look at this gruesome game which is coming for PC, PS4, Xbox One and previous generation consoles.

Unlike some of the other big horror games such as Outlast and Daylight this one will give you the opportunity to fight your way out of a nasty situation rather than running and hoping for the best. You will certainly not be shooting your way out of every situation though, especially if you are unarmed or low on ammo. The other difference being that this game is a third-person rather than first-person perspective.

Will this one deliver fear as well as its competitors? The Evil Within certainly looks creepy enough to accept the challenge.

Here are some of the official screenshots for the game, it will give you a basic idea what you are up against and what is to be expected.

What on Earth is that?

Asylum Reborn ForSite
No need to panic, It's just the player...

AsylumUnderground 05 ForSite

Mind if i hang out with you guys? What happened here?

AsylumUnderground 02 ForSite

Better not make a sound.

AsylumUnderground 03 ForSite

Boom Headshot! Or is that projectile vomit? Better not stay around to find out.

Village 02 ForSite

Looks like we're in trouble!

Village Torch ForSite

Someone seems angry. Wonder what we did to grind his gears...

Village 03 ForSite

Looks like police backup, what a relief. Wait hold on... Isn't that the player? Well, looks like you're in this one alone.

Asylum Exterior ForSite

Are you going to get the game? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.


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