SOE announces new free 2 play zombie MMO called H1Z1

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H1Z1 is a Zombie Apocalypse survival simulation developed by Sony Online Entertainment and will be available on multiple formats soon.

SOE have announced a new free-to-play MMO, "H1Z1" which is a zombie apocalypse survival running on the Planetside 2 engine, and will be arriving on all platforms that "can run Planetside 2" PC, PS4 and Xbox One by the looks of it. The game as seen in footage can be played in either First or Third Person perspective. This is not however, an RPG (like a lot of MMOs). There is no levelling system, no skills etc. This is infact a survival simulator so you won't be unlocking any special abilities to make the survival process easier, prepare to be challenged. SOE have made it clear that they have no interest in making this MMO pay to win, and shortcuts or items which will alleviate the power of some players over other players will not be available. However people can purchase early access to the beta for $19.99

The map size is going to be very big, but will gradually expand over time. Before making the map incredibly large, the early access program will allow SOE to see how people react to the map size. Isolation is one of the themes this game is striving to accomplish; rather than being plunged into a small, overcrowded environment, you will find yourself alone which is going to make you vulnerable. Forming a group is going to be your ticket to survival as the undead are just one of the threats you will have to avoid, wildlife and other players are also going to prove a challenge; this is on top of finding shelter, food and water and resources.

However, its learning who is friendly and who isn't and being continuously prepared to gamble with your own life that is going to make your survival a real challenge. You will spend a lot of time alone, however, the servers can hold up to thousands of people, some with no knowledge of diplomacy so it would be wise to be on your guard at all times. Of course your main ticket to success would be idealistically joining a big and powerful group who can keep the raiders at bay. Of course food and water is going to be vital so you may need to group up and gather supplies.

There is a deep crafting system that allows you to build houses, shelter, even towns or fortresses with a combined effort from multiple players; or you can chose to be completely nomadic and move from area to area. You will be granted tools which allow you to extract resources if you are part of a large group or small civilization which could potentially create jobs. Vehicles will be present (air vehicles still being a matter of debate among the developers) so you certainly won't be walking everywhere if you manage to find one. Fuel, however, is likely going to be added to your list of resources.

All in all this could be one to look out for and HITC Gaming will keep you posted on developments.

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