PS Vita: 10 Games you should get (Part 1)

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Looking for some games for your Vita? We have you covered. Below are 10 games which you might want consider getting.

You may remember the launch of PlayStation's new portable handheld device, the Playstation Vita. Just under two years ago in February 2012.

This exciting piece of technology hit the stores in Europe, North America and South America following it's 2011 release in Japan. The Vita is one of the most powerful handheld gaming devices on the market with features which exceed that of what most other handheld devices are capable of. Even its competitor, Nintendo's 3DS struggles to compete with this awesome machine despite wielding 3D technology.

The only let down by its incredibly short battery life! But the ends definitely justify the means.

The device runs on two quad core processors and utilizes both of its touch screen panels and has offered many new ways in which games can be enjoyed, the graphics closely resemble the PlayStation 3's. Now two years on since its launch the platform has become one of the leaders of the indie genre and has built up quite an extensive library.

In no ranked order, here are 10 games we definitely think that you should look out for if you regularly use your PS Vita:

Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins is a 2D, side-scrolling adventure /platformer game, the style has retained from the original game and you will have control over 3 playable characters: Rayman, Globox and Two Teensies who many Rayman fans will be familiar with.

Rayman and his friends are chilling at the "Bubble Dreamer's" resting grounds which is known as the snoring tree. The introduction is rather peaceful, however, things soon take a turn for the worst when their snoring disturbs an old granny from beyond the grave. From the land of the livid dead, the old lady retaliates by sending evil armies and darktoons into the glade of dreams, plunging it into chaos and despair. The Bubble Dreamer begins to have nightmares and Rayman and his friends set out to find a cure.

The glade of dreams has been infected with darktoons and many other evil creatures.

You will be fighting your way through levels rescuing electoons from cages in order to progress through the levels. Abilities such as swimming, gliding, wall running and shrinking in size will be unlocked as the game progresses.

Those who are familiar with the original Rayman game will certainly not want to give this title a miss as Rayman is back in HD in his biggest adventure yet!

Little Big Planet Vita

If you have owned a PlayStation 3, you will be more than familiar with Little Big Planet.

Although the plot' roots generally lie within the Puzzle and Adventure genre, this can be referred to as the everything game, especially when playing the player made, community content online.

Whether you are navigating a difficult platformer, challenging your friends in a race, going head to head in a death match, or gripping onto your skin with your skeleton whilst playing through a frightening horror level, The game allows its content creators, the players, to create whatever they can think of with the game's resources and tools and then share and publish with the community.

The motto Play, Create and Share is thoroughly expressed in each game and further emphasized as the player has more tools and features to utilize when creating.

The title has now arrived on the PlayStation Vita and the player is able to fully make use of the camera, Vita rotation and the front and back touch screens in order to reduce the limitations encountered with previous games.

The beauty of this game is that even when you have finished the plot, you can never complete the game, because the community will be continuously publishing new levels for you to enjoy. The online elements are what really define this game as of course the online components are much larger than the story mode.

Borderlands 2 Vita

Yes that's right, Borderlands 2 will be arriving on the PS Vita on May 13 in North America, the release date remains yet to be announced for UK and Australia but it is certainly on it's way. Or for those who can't wait that long, a Limited Edition Borderlands 2 PS VITA Bundle, will be hitting the stores on May 6th (North America) and will later become international.

Developed by Gearbox Software by Gearbox Studios, Borderlands 2 is a cartoon-style RPG/first person shooter with a graphic style similar to that of Tell Tale's The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. The game feels like an RPG, it has character building elements (there is a ton of class augmentations), a plethora of weapons to select from, each with their own abilities. Different weapons from different manufacturers also have their own unique looks and abilities; it's really quite a diverse selection...

Although not an open world sandbox like its predecessor "Borderlands" The game offers an interesting mixture of explorable environments ranging from a volcano, a desert, an icy tundra and many more. The game itself is certainly a lot bigger.

This vita edition includes 6 DLC packs! 

-Collectors Edition Pack
-Psycho Character Class
-Mechromancer Character Class
-Mr Torgue's Campaign of Carnage
-Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty
-Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 1

Below are 2 trailers

Official Borderlands 2 Vita Trailer:

Borderlands 2 Psycho Trailer:

Part two coming soon. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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