20 best iPhone and iPad apps and games this week

It's time for our weekly roundup of the best new iPhone and iPad apps and games to have emerged on Apple's App Store.

This week's selection includes pregnancy tracking, vintage newspaper clippings, motorcycle racing, Family Guy, wind-up knights and Embarrassing Bodies.

As ever, prices are correct at the time of writing, but may have changed by the time you read this. (Free + IAP) means in-app purchases are used within the app.

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One Born Every Minute: Pregnancy Day by Day (£2.49)

One Born Every Minute has been a heartwarming TV success here in the UK, showing the hard work (and humour) of modern maternity units. Now it has an app aimed at mothers-to-be, helping them track their pregnancies, look at fetal development images, plan doctor visits, and tick off to-do lists.
iPhone / iPad

Here & Then from the British Newspaper Archive (Free)

This iPhone app is for anyone interested in the last 200+ years of history, offering daily reports from the British Newspaper Archive based on that day. Some early reviewers are disappointed that it doesn't give full access to the Archive, but this app could be a step along that way. In the meantime, it's good in its limited daily dose.

Carousel by Dropbox (Free + IAP)

Carousel is owned by cloud storage firm Dropbox – its brand new app for storing and browsing your photos and videos. The app automatically uploads shots as you take them, and you can ping them to friends privately from within the app too.

TaskRabbit (Free)

Already a hit in the US, TaskRabbit is now available in the UK too. It's pitched as a way of "getting your to-dos done" – tasks that you don't want to do yourself, from cleaning and shopping to removals and flatpack-furniture assembly. The app connects you to people who can help, showing you their hours and pricing.

Sequence by Incident (Free)

Incident Technologies is the startup behind gTar, an electric guitar controlled by your iPhone and a companion app. Now it has a new thing: Sequence, a drum machine and sequencer to create beats and melodies either for your own amusement, or as a backdrop for your gTar playing. It's simple to use.

Snorrt! by Douglas Coupland (£1.49)

Hats off to author Douglas Coupland, whose new iPhone app has nothing to do with promoting his books, and everything to do with solving a problem that blights many a marital bed: snoring. Well, it may not solve the problem, but it'll shame the guilty party: the app records and analyses snores, with Coupland himself having provided the pithy descriptions.

Haystack (Free)

I'm fresh back from the MIPTV television industry conference, where there was plenty of talk about whether The Young People are interested in news. The conclusion: they are, but perhaps not in the same style and from the same sources. Haystack is one fo the startups hoping to take advantage: its iPad app gets you to pick favourite topics, then serves up video reports in a "daily newscast", aiming to learn your habits over time and adapt accordingly.

Karrimor Elite (Free)

Karrimor may be best known for its hiking and adventuring kit, but now it's venturing into the world of fitness tracking apps. This one keeps tabs on your running and walking, measuring speed, distance, time and how many calories you're burning, with a built-in music player providing tunes too.

City Air (Free)

It's a good time for City Air to be live on the App Store: with London recently suffering a Sahara-fuelled smog, plenty of people should be interested in an app promising to help them reduce their exposure to murky air. Released by King's College and the City of London Corporation, it provides forecasts and advice – and may well make you think more about the general subject of air pollution too.
iPhone / iPad

Jam. (Free)

A lot of developers have tackled the idea of collaborative playlists: the usual example being house parties where everyone wants a say in the music, but only one device is connected to the hi-fi. Jam. (yes, with a full stop – this seems to be 2014's app trend) looks one of the better designed, tapping Spotify and Facebook to let guests log in, suggest tracks and vote them up or down.

Magnetry - Express Yourself (£1.99)

This started life as a government-sponsored project in Iceland to stimulate people's poetic instincts, but its English-language version should bring it a wider audience. You pick one or more themes, then get a screen full of fridge-magnet-style words to compose with, complete with customisable fonts, backgrounds and stickers. Creative and fun.

Odysseus for Kids (£2.49)

Finally in the apps segment this week, an app that's aiming to get 6-10 year-olds interested in the Odyssey over 15 animated scenes, with an interactive map, mini-games and multiple languages thrown into the mix – part of a series of educational history apps from its developer Quelle Histoire.
iPhone / iPad


Trials Frontier (Free + IAP)

Finnish developer RedLynx's Trials racing game series has been justifiably acclaimed on Xbox and PC. Now there's a brand new one for iOS. Whether you're new to Trials or a hardened fan, it's marvellous. The game sees you racing motorcycles across a range of courses and missions, with just-so physics and well-tuned social features making it one of the most addictive iOS games so far this year.
iPhone / iPad

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (Free + IAP)

The Simpsons have been a huge hit as a freemium mobile game, but now Family Guy is following in their footsteps. The setup is similar: Peter Griffin has accidentally destroyed Quahog, so you have to rebuild it, completing quests and unlocking short animations as you go. It captures the spirit of the show well.
iPhone / iPad

Wind-up Knight 2 (Free + IAP)

The first Wind-up Knight game was really good fun: a tonic for anyone who wants a genuinely-challenging platform game on iOS. The sequel is just as good: it sees you exploring a carefully-crafted world of platforms, spikes and obstacles. It can be hard – really hard – but that's why people will love it.
iPhone / iPad

Tipping Point (£1.49)

Watching ITV's Tipping Point game show here in the UK? There's an official app for that, where up to four people can play on a single device. It includes rounds like On The Buzzer, Against The Clock, Head To Head and Jackpot Push from the show, with more than 1,000 trivia questions to answer. Fun for fans.
iPhone / iPad

Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveller (£3.99)

If you grew up with the Fighting Fantasy roleplaying books, you'll likely be aware already that developer Tin Man Games is updating the idea for smart devices in 2014. Its latest release is with FF co-creator Steve Jackson, and has a sci-fi theme.
iPhone / iPad

RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile (£1.99 + IAP)

Something for rose-tinted gamers out there: this is a new version of Atari's RollerCoaster Tycoon 4, redesigned for touchscreen devices – although it's also been reworked to use in-app purchases, which some players may chafe at. Your task is to build an amusement park with ever bigger and scarier rollercoasters.
iPhone / iPad

Wonder Golf (Free + IAP)

Mini-golf and Alice in Wonderland: together at last! This game is the work of Japanese social games firm DeNA, with a stolen phone, a White Rabbit and more than 70 ball-putting levels to work your way through. In-app purchases are used to buy items that'll help you progress.
iPhone / iPad

Embarrassing Bodies Angry Boils (Free + IAP)

Experience tells me that if boils are on the agenda in Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies show, I don't want to be looking at the screen. Thankfully, this is a strategy game that won't put you off your dinner: it sees you diagnosing patients in a line-defence format: essentially Plants vs Zombies with less zombies and more diarrhoea and pubic lice. Actually, perhaps hold the dinner for now...
iPhone / iPad

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