New Adventure Time game appears on Steam

Finn And Jake's Epic Quest Screen 1

Without any form of warning, Finn and Jake set forth for a new adventure over on the PC purchase platform.

On Friday Steam displayed a new Adventure Time game, Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest. With a game of such a popular cartoon suddenly materializing, seemingly without any kind of warning or press coverage, it could be a bad omen. Or it could actually be good... we'll have to see.

As Finn and Jake you’re tasked with saving The Land of Ooo, which has been turned into a video game - probably for the purposes of this video game. Not only that but BMO (Finn and Jake’s game console friend) has been kidnapped. You will fight your way through four different lands in order to save BMO and discover the ‘evil mastermind’ behind what’s been happening.

The game features ‘butt tons of enemies’ and ’28 levels of mayhem’ – at least we can accurately quantify the latter. You will be able to wield ‘epics powers’ such as a knife storm, algebraic attacks, and Jake’s puppies too.

The game also boasts original voice-overs for Finn and Jake, however we’re uncertain whether the other characters, like Marceline and the Ice King, will be voiced by their original actors.

Have a look at some of the screenshots below, and let us know what you think.

Finn And Jake's Epic Quest Screen 5

Finn And Jake's Epic Quest Screen 2

Finn And Jake's Epic Quest Screen 4

Finn And Jake's Epic Quest Screen 3

Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest is available over on Steam right now for £5.59, which is a 20% off promotional offer. The offer ends on 18 April which will then see the game priced at it’s regular £6.99.

Have you played the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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