Indie games roundup (April 13th)


Indie games from the last week that caught our attention at HITC

More than ever before the indie games devs out there are looking for your support through crowdfunding, playing the games and just getting all-round gamer-hyped about things. Take note, not all Indie games popping up on Kickstarters and such get that crucial funding and many fall by the wayside. Here’s a few indies games we’ve played and peered-over during the last week that we thought deserved mention.

Space Noir

The 3D shooter Space Noir is coming from long standing indies N-Fusion and is due to hit Windows PCs and Tablets later this Summer. A new video came along this week getting into the HUD and combat controls which are looking fresh. Fans of Star Fox and Rogue Squadron will instantly recognise this one. This is pre-alpha footage so the game is bound to improve. We hope Space Noir’s pace picks up a bit as it gets a bit static at points. Check it out below.


This is one for the aspiring writers, DMs and role-players out there. Storium is an interactive story crafting tool that takes aspects from RPGs and card games. Players can take the role of narrator or characters within stories from pre-dermined themes and dictate how the story evolves with their own imaginations. Storium is doing really well over on Kickstarter, It's something original and fun with a wider nurturing and educational appeal - Braintraining for writers. Check out the Kickstarter video below.


We saw a new Youtube trailer for Caffeine this week which prompted us to try the demo. There’s some masterful audio/visual design to be experienced and the sci-fi horror setting has depth and believability. Caffeine is the project of one man show Incandescent Imaging and you can help make Caffeine a reality by contributing to the Indiegogo campaign. Do have a go on the demo, the latest trailer is below.


IndieNavi’s english adaptation of Nerugame from Barbara got us hooked this week although exactly why we can’t say. In browser-based Nerugame we learn the invaluable life-lesson of when it’s appropriate to sleep. Don’t sleep enough and you become drowsy forcing you to sleep in a dangerous situation, whilst driving for instance. You also need to sleep to keep your stamina up otherwise you die. Be warned though sleeping in some places can get you killed, be wary of electric blankets! Play Nerugame here it’s an absurd yet fun little distraction that suddenly becomes compelling.

The Last Federation

Arcen’s turn-based sci-fi strategy game is coming out on 18th April on PC Mac and Linux, you can pick it up on Steam, The Humble Store, GamersGate or directly via their website. This game is ambitiously simulating an entire solar system and brims with detail right down to the individual political systems of the playable races. If you’re a fan of strategy games we think you’ll find enough originality in The last Federation to warrant a go. Check out the extended gameplay video below to see what we mean.

More indie games next week. We’ve a comments section below, please do chip in with any recent indie encounters you’d like to share with us. We’re always on the look out for indie gems worth shouting about.

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