Fallout 3: One of the Best RPGs to Date (Part Three)


An introduction to some of the main factions you will encounter during your adventure.

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Main Factions

Brotherhood of Steel: The main faction in this game is the Brotherhood of Steel, an ex-US military group originally assigned with investigating the corruption of a "west-tek" bio-chemical facility in Mariposa which had been secretly creating a super-virus called the F.E.V (Forced Evolutionary Virus). The organization later became a neo-knight, quasi-religious resistance group with an obsession for pre-war technology and the eradication of mutants. They are currently at war with super mutents which have over-run D.C, however their main enemy is the Enclave. The Brotherhood of Steel has the second most powerful weapon in the Wasteland, a giant robot called Liberty Prime which was originally designed during the great war as a super weapon against China.

The Brotherhood of Steel are going to be your main allies in the plot especially when taking the fight to the Enclave. They are little less than armed to the teeth and wear very distinctive power suits. Many of them stick with laser weaponry but you may bump into the occasional soldier armed with a mini-gun or flamethrower. These guys are powerful allies, stay on their good side. 

Brotherhood Of Steel Soldier

Brotherhood Outcasts: A contingent of the Brotherhood of Steel which have separated themselves from the Elder in charge of the organization. They believe that instead of protecting the wasteland from corrupt organizations and mutants, the true mission is the discovery and acquisition of advanced pre-war technology. Their fanatic obsession with pre-war technology and the impacts of that on the plot will occasionally put you off siding with them and you may end up in nasty situations with them on occasions, but who doesn't want the most powerful weapons in the wasteland? Most of these guys will have little more than no respect for you with rare exceptions for some. Advice, stay out of their way.

CW Brotherhood Outcasts Main Characters

Talon Company: A hostile group of organized mercenaries occupying D.C. Their objective is to counter the super mutant threat and eradicate anyone who does not wear their symbol. They work for an unknown third party with specific orders to keep the Capital Wasteland a lawless and disorganized ruin. These guys are nasty and you can throw diplomacy straight out of the window when you bump into them. Shoot first  and ask questions later because these guys will not stop until you are dead if you are unfortunate enough to bump into them. If you've got the gear to wipe them out you take some pretty handy loot from their corpses.

Talon Company Group Shot

Enclave: A secretive political and military organization which descends directly from the pre-war US Government. This is the most technologically advanced faction in the capital wasteland. This organisation believes that because the surviving inhabitants of the wasteland have been exposed to the effects of the F.E.V and radiation they are no longer pure and to be considered abominations alongside the super mutants, ghouls and other mutated members of the wasteland. Having access to some of the fossil fuel reserves left by the U.S military this organization is well known for its use of vertibirds, which are heavily armored and armed flying VTOLs. These  guys are your main enemy and are armed with more fire power than the Brotherhood of Steel so you need to make sure you have something powerful enough to return fire if you are caught up in a fire fight with them. The Enclave are usually armed with plasma weapons which are more powerful than laser weapons and like the Brotherhood of Steel, these guys are heavily armored and have a lot of protection from bullets. To make things worse Enclave fire teams are usually assisted by a Vertibird which is a combat VTOL.

Brokensteelscreen 03B

Super Mutants: A large cohort of mutated humans as a result of exposure to the F.E.V. These mutants occupy the wasteland and will prove to be challenging enemies. Although they may not appear to be as armed as the Brotherhood of Steel or Enclave, these mutants are very tough. Although not an established faction, many of these mutants will stick together as survivors and cause havoc. They mainly occupy central DC where they are facing conflict with the Brotherhood of Steel but can be found all over the wasteland. There are also 5 Super Mutant Behemoths which are giant super mutant bosses found at certain areas of the wasteland.

Mariposa Survivors: Survivors of the F.E.V project at the West-Tek facility in Mariposa. West-Tek is known in fallout lore as the facility which developed the T-51b Power Armor for the American military, however that was just one project on West-Tek's agenda...

An epidemic known as the "New Plague" (Limit 15) had been created to use as a genetically engineered weapon against China, mainly to cause sterility. The project had backfired when Chinese agents had managed to steal some of the samples of the hoover dam so the facility and several scientists began working on the Pan-Immunity Virion Project in attempt to create a cure. This later became known as the F.E.V. The scientists had other interests which included creating super soldiers for the US military by using the virus. This had inevitably let to the creation of super mutants many of which now occupy the wasteland.

Valult 87 Survivors: Vault 87 was a disaster, Many of the residents who sought refuge from the nuclear holocaust have "died of unknown causes". Little did the other residents of the vault know that these people were not dead...

What had really happened was exposure to the F.E.V but not a normal strand. The victims were part of the "Evolutionary Experimental Program" (E.E.P) orchestrated by the U.S Government in an attempt to create super soldiers for the US military. This strand of the virus affected the mutants differently and gave them healthier characteristics than the mutants from Mariposa who underwent the F.E.V. One of the survivors from Vault 87 "Fawkes" is a non-hostile super mutant who will accompany the player as a follower providing that the player's karma is good. He will help retrieve the G.E.C.K during the campaign and come to your rescue during a mission where you are kidnapped by the Enclave.

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