RBS criticised over zero hour contracts

RBS branch sign

The Royal Bank of Scotland has been criticised for assisting firms in drawing-up controversial zero-hour contracts for workers.

The Scotsman reports that Scottish politicians last night called on RBS, which is 81% taxpayer-owned, to stop issuing advice to firms employing workers on zero-hour contracts – under which employees often do not know if they have work from one week to the next.

Officials at the bank admitted it offered advice to firms using the controversial employment practice, which has been widely condemned by unions and politicians.

Companies are offered help with zero-hour contracts via the RBS mentor service, which gives employment and HR advice to 11,000 businesses across the UK. Hundreds of those are understood to use zero-hour contracts which let them hire staff with no obligation to guarantee a minimum number of hours.

The UK government Tuesday faced calls to use its influence over RBS to prevent the bank from providing any further assistance to firms.

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RBS slated for zero-hours contract support

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