Not Your Average Villa

While your average well-above-average villa might be our first choice when booking a place, we're intrigued by what's found off the beaten path.

A shipping container in a Seattle backyard? Sounds about right. And it's pretty cute to boot.

Seattle Container


How quickly we change our tune.  We're totally staying in this two-bedroom TRAIN sometime. It's in Paradise Valley, Montana, close to Yellowstone Park and Chico Hot Springs.

Montana Train


Wow, an East Village New York townhouse, located in a former synogague. Not what we were expecting to find, but gorgeous, and so expensive we won't be staying there. (Alas.)

New York Synagogue


A glass house, a cottage, and a lighthouse, together in Cork, Ireland. We're adding this to the 'stay' list, too.

Ireland Lighthouse


What a gorgeous tree house (with a pool and beach access) in Big Sur, California. Yep, we'd stay in this one, too.

Big Sur Tree House


If that's not enough, you can also stay in: a converted windmill in Greece; a Hobbit house in Montana; a 1920s circus wagon in Shropshire, England; or a tipi with air-conditioning and heat.

So much for average.