Fallout 3: One of the Best RPGs to Date (Part Two)

Fallout 3 Lone Wanderer

Fallout 3 Overview Part 2/4: Introduction to the plot of Fallout 3.

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The player begins the game in vault 101 the only vault which had kept its doors shut with no intention of opening them. (well not quite, but so the overseer of this vault would have everyone believe). The very first cut-scene takes place in the medical ward of a settlement outside of the vault; Rivet City, which is a crashed aircraft carrier. In this cut-scene the player has just been born and will choose a name and then (with the assistance of gene projection) determine what you will look like when you grow up, enabling you to edit your face, eye colour, ethnicity and hairstyle/colour. After creating your character you will temporarily be halted from further character customization as your mother goes into cardiac arrest. Unfortunately she does not survive the childbirth.

You then play through various stages of your childhood...


Toddler: This is where you will spend your main skill points through escaping the child pen and reading the book "You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L" an acronym for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck which are the factors you can choose to distribute points into. The player's dad will read a passage from the bible Revelation 21:6 "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely." Which has significance to the main plot.

Child: This is where you play through your tenth birthday party. You receive your pip-boy 3000 which is essentially a wrist mounted inventory, map, notebook, flashlight, radio, quest tracker and character analysis - pretty convenient! You will also be introduced to some of the characters from the vault. Andy a variant of a robot type called "Mr Handy", Amata  your best childhood friend, Butch who is very stuck up, nihilistic and egotistical, (a scenario where butch tries to fight you can be initiated through dialogue) The Overseer who happens to be Amata's father and Stanley, who is a friend of your fathers and also the mechanic who fixed up the pip-boy you receive. After the robot destroys the birthday cake in an attempt to cut it into slices the player then heads down into the reactor core to meet Jonas who appears to be a doctor. The player's father then provides the player with a "BB gun", (or should we say, BB rifle) which is then used for target practice and to shoot a radroach; a large mutated cockroach that has found its way into the vault.

Teenager: The now 16-year old player will then proceed to take an examination called G.O.A.T (Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test) an examination to determine which work role the members of the vault will take up when they come of age. Not for the player though. In this case, it will determine which skills are tagged adding 15 points to the chosen skill. The player does not even have to take the test and can skip it through dialogue. Before entering the classroom, an event occurs where Butch's gang "The Tunnel Snakes" are threatening Amata. The player can persuade Butch to leave her alone, engage in yet another fight or actually contribute towards the bullying. All options will result in either positive or negative karma.

Adult: This is where things start to get interesting. You are awakened by Amata who informs you that your father has broken out of the vault, which has now been put into a state of lock-down. The vault security are ensuring that everyone stays in their rooms, or else. The vault has been compromised by the breakout and a radroach infestation threatens the residents. Amata also informs you that the vault security have murdered Jonas. She then provides the player with a pistol. The player has to fight through security and radroaches to find The Overseer. On the way the player bumps into his/her notorious little friend "Butch" who begs the player to rescue his mother from radroaches. The player can either help him, walk off, or take the ultimate revenge on Butch, beating him to death or shooting him, or his mother.

The Overseer has captured Amata and a security guard is threatening her. Now one of the interesting things here is a real time scenario that is initiated if the player does not take the gun from Amata. In this scenario Amata kills the security guard with the pistol which is very amusing to watch. The player now has to carefully decide the next move. The Overseer can either die, be extorted  into giving up the office key and terminal password by the player threatening to hurt Amata or the player can completely sneak past and take the information from the room which leads into the control room. The player then escapes the vault using The Overseers emergency tunnel.

The plot revolves around the bible passage introduced at the beginning of the game. Your father, a former scientist working on a project known as "project purity" has escaped the vault to finish a project which will restore the water purifier and provide the capital wasteland with clean water to drink. The player has to follow the tracks of his/her father across the wasteland to find answers. You then end up in a twisted pre-war simulation of a town. Although you are aware that you are in a simulation the same cannot be said for the town's residents. The host would like you to commit evil things (which will negatively effect your karma) such as bullying which then escalates to murder; "making it look like an accident" which is admittedly very fun. However one of the characters believes there is a fail-safe which will trigger a communist invasion.

Upon rescuing your dad from the simulation you will head back to Rivet City to convince the members of Project Purity to restore the water purifier. During the activation of the purifier a corrupt military government organisation known as the Enclave intervene and things take a turn for the worst. The purifier is almost destroyed in the incident that occurs...

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