Why aren't we exercising?

Lord Coe has warned that 'lazy lifestyles' will reduce the lifespan of our children, after a report found that we are now 24 per cent less active than in 1961. Do you exercise? And if not, why not?

Lord Coe announced in the Telegraph that today's children are 'the least active generation in history' and could be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Lord Coe has called upon businesses, schools and families to tackle the issue.

His appeal follows a report by the All Party Commission on Physical Activity which shows that only 22 per cent of British adults exercise for 30 minutes a week and that on average we are now 24 per cent less active than in 1961. It calls for 'breakfast fitness clubs' in schools after finding that half of seven-year olds fail to get an hour’s moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. The report links our changing lifestyles to a rise in type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Are you more lazy than your parents? Are you worried that your children spend too much time indoors? How often do you make time for exercise? Do you work it into your commute or make it part of your social life?

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