Football Manager Classic 2014 coming to PS Vita 11 April 2014

Football Manager Classic 2014 Screen 1

Continue to manage your team from your computer to your PS Vita, and back again.

The super-popular football management sim, Football Manager, is set to be available on your handheld PS Vita soon as Football Manager Classic 2014 (FMC 2014). Featuring cross-save functionality in FMC Mode, meaning a game you’ve been playing on your PC, Mac or Linux system can be continued whilst you’re nipping out and about with your PS Vita. The functionality works the same if you’ve started the game on your PS Vita to, so wherever you may be you can check on those important transfer deadline emails and tweak your tactics at any time.

FMC 2014 is designed with a more streamlined career advancement system in mind, focussing more on the main areas of the game like; managing your team on matchdays, transfers, and tactics. Media handling, training, and finance are streamlined to ensure matchdays come around more quickly and you can progress your team without delay.

In FMC 2014 you’ll even have access to the 3D Match Engine for the first time ever on a handheld, meaning you’ll feel even more immersed in the management role. The game also has pretty much all the features of the FMC Mode on the PC, Mac, and Linux, with some extras for 2014.

The game has been developed by Sports Interactive, it’s sister studio Hardlight, and Little Stone Software. Speaking about FMC 2014, Miles Jacobson, Studio Director at Sports Interactive said; “It’s great to finally be able to release FMC Vita. This game has been the most technically challenging that we’ve ever worked on – we’ve essentially fit a PC game that needs loads of memory, a mouse and a keyboard into Sony’s wonderful handheld with a touch screen – and the help we’ve had from all of our partners has been wonderful.” Jacobson continued by saying, “To be able to take your home computer save onto the road adds a huge amount to the Football Manager experience.”

Football Manager Classic 2014 PS Vita Bundle


Football Manager Classic 2014 will be released both digitally on the PSN store and physically on 11 April 2014 for PS Vita. Not only that, but you will also be able to pick up the game in a PS Vita bundle. Announced by Miles Jacobson over on the EU Playstation Blog, the bundle will include a Black PS Vita 2000, a voucher to redeem FMC 2014 on the PS Store, and a 4GB memory card. The bundle will be available in the UK on 17 April 2014, however, there is no announcement on price for the bundle as yet.

Do you play the Football Manager games? What do you think of being able to play on the go? Let us know in the comments below.

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