Trials Fusion - coming soon to PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4

Trials Fusion 1

We take a look at what’s new in the upcoming Trials Fusion game set for release on April 16th

Trials Fusion is the latest from Ubisoft’s acclaimed Trials stunt bike games series that previously brought us Trials Evolution and Trials HD. Developed by RedLynx the Trials games have consistently been well received, it seems the super addictive act of throwing yourself about doing insane stunts and crashing in bone-crunchingly graphic ways hasn’t lost any appeal over the years.

The physics based platform racer is making its PlayStation debut this year and while a lot of the core gameplay remains unchanged (with some calling Trials Fusion a reboot) there are some new features worth taking on-board.

This time round Trials Fusion is set in the future giving some weird and wonderful tracks and new futuristic customisation options for your rider, fancy some biotech cyborg legs?

Trials Fusion now also lets you perform air-time tricks using a controller’s right analogue stick. To test your nerve the game will also introduce trick challenges across the campaign tracks for you to amass some sick high-scores. You’ll be able to stand aloft your bike mid-air or laid out flat Superman-style and chain trick combos together adding extra gratification to landing safely and altogether giving the trick-riding game aspect relevance.

Whilst you’re still being tested to finish tracks in the fastest time with the limited amount of crashes, Trials Fusion will be adding hidden course challenges with accompanying cut-scenes to reward players for exploring the game content.

There’s going to be some new unlockable bikes; quad bikes will be available for heavy duty four wheel action and a push-bike called the Rabbit with ridiculously sensitive control settings has been added for a humorous test of skill.

Multiplayer challenges will go beyond posting better high scores than your friends. You can match up with 3 other players for single races or tournament series.

Trials Fusion 2


For fans that just can’t leave Trials Fusion alone, Ubisoft are also going to be bringing out a smartphone version entitled Trials Frontier. This secondary version which will come to Android and iOS devices is designed to interact with the console/PC versions with Ubisoft heralding the two games under the tagline, "One future, two trials,"

As with previous Trials games, Trials Fusion will grant you the ability to create your own tracks, a feature which gives great replayability once you’ve exhausted the pre-made game courses. As this is the biggest Trials title yet you’ll get access to hundreds of new jumps, ramps and other features available to help you realise your creative/destructive urges. The game is also going to bring in an updated version of Track Central allowing players to show off their track creations to the worldwide Trials Fusion community.

And of course this is a game with aspirations for the 8th generation so you can fully expect to get the benefits of shiny new graphics to give those excruciating high speed crashes a newfound level of realism.

Trials Fusion has a lot of potential to be a big hitting game this year, previous successes in the franchise notwithstanding, PS4 is going to be getting this game for the first time giving Ubisoft and RedLynx another mainstream gaming audience to tap into.

You haven’t much longer to wait for Trials Fusion, it’s due on April 16th across the platforms (PS3 won’t be getting this sorry!) Are you going to be getting Trails Fusion? The comments are below for you to have your say. In the meantime check out the trailer.



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