Engadget launch UK edition

Kingdom Of Great Britain

Popular tech blog Engadget has today released a British version of its website.

The technology website turned 10-years-old this March and to mark its 10th anniversary the weblog has launched the Engadget UK Edition.

The new site won't look any different to the original US version but its content will be tailored more for the people of Britain.

British users of the site will automatically be re-directed to the UK Edition upon visiting, but if the US version is more your thing then visitors can click on edition in the top right corner and change it to US. This preference will be saved for any future visits.

Engadget was first launched in March 2004 by former Gizmodo editor Peter Rojas. It was the founding website of Weblogs, inc., which is a blog network with over 90 sites.

AOL purchased Weblogs, inc. in 2005 and thus took over Engadget. Ryan Block, Joshua Topolsky and Tim Stevens have all been editors of the tech site, but it is now under the stewardship of Marc Perton.

Engadget follows in the footsteps of its tech rival Gizmodo who released a UK version of its design and technology blog in 2011.

To view Engadget full press release press here