Bruce Lee available as pre-order bonus for EA Sports UFC 2014

UFC Bruce Lee Screen

EA Sports UFC 2014 will be out on June 17th with instant access to the legendary Bruce Lee available to those that pre-order.

Posted by a user over on NeoGAF a promotional poster has been spotted giving UFC 2014 a release date of 17th June. The poster also states that if you pre-order now you’ll get instant access to Bruce Lee, “The Father of Mixed Martial Arts."

Players who do not pre-order will still be able to unlock Bruce by beating career mode according to the EA website.

We’re fully expecting that by giving gamers a chance to play as the enigmatic master of Kung Fu films EA are going to draw in additional interest for their graphically spectacular fight game, which is now confirmed for Xbox One and PS4 release in June. 

Below is a recent ‘Feel the Fight’ trailer with some full-contact, in-game fight action to keep you going.

Are you excited by the prospect of playing as Bruce Lee? Could this be the best homage to the Martial Arts legend since Tekken put Law in a a yellow jump suit? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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