Indie games roundup (April 6th)

Enemy Starfighter

HITC’s handpicked highlights from the past week’s indie games news.

Welcome to our weekly celebration of the indie games creators, those with the passion for creativity and innovation that keep the games world a vibrant and interesting place. Here's some of the week's indie news we'd like to share with you.

Fez comes to PlayStation platforms.

Those who’ve seen Indie Games The Movie will know the eclectic puzzle platformer Fez. Once shrouded in doubts, Fez struggled in development under indie games celebrity and self-proclimed perfectionist, Phil Fish. Fez has since risen to the heights of mainstream adoration. The story of its creation remaining to remind us that there’s a lot of empassioned hard work behind those overnight successes. Fez came to PS3, PS4 and VITA this week. It’s a platformer full of retro flavour with a twisty-turny 2D/3D game world that becomes a fascination to explore. Like a great piece of literature Fez is one of those games that gives a sense that you’re getting into the mind of the creator - it’s an intriguing place. The news is Phil Fish has left the games industry so this is it for now. Check out the Playstation build up traler below

Quantum Rush launches on Greenlight

We’ve been playing a fair amount on the Quantum Rush beta this week. It’s an online futuristic racer nodding in appreciation to Wipeout but with enough of it’s own identity to set it apart. It runs pretty smoothly on multiplayer races (up to 20 players) and combat can get good and heated. The Quantum Rush community have called for a Steam Greenlight. Go and check out the game here and place your votes here. A shiny trailer is below.

White Paper Games become licensed PlayStation developers

The team behind the recently released psychological puzzler Ether One have confirmed they’ll be working with Sony but as yet a port for Ether One for PS4 has not been confirmed. This game is beautiful both to play and to look at and we think it will fit right in with the current vogue for big cinematic console games..We’re having a play through on Ether One at the moment and will let you know how we get on. Great game so far..Ether One is available for Windows here Chek out the trailer (NSFW)

The Weird Story of Waldemar, The Warlock

It’s always good to see a game with a knowing sense of humour. "The Weird Story of Waldemar, The Warlock" launched it’s kickstarter this week and there’a demo on the kickstarter page. We found this horror point and click with a comedy bent gutsy with some jokes that made us chucklle. Devs enComplot want to reinvigorate the point and click genre, you can help them.  An intro trailer is below.

Enemy Starfighter VR Demo

For people looking for reasons to think VR is cool check out Enemy Starfighter. If you’re in Boston between 11-13th April you can go and demo the game on Oculus Rift at Pax East 2014. Enemy Starfighter is the baby of Mike Tipul who has previously worked on Halo Reach over at Bungie. A beautifully styled shooter with a deeply immense sense of space, Enemy Starfighter is one of those games begging for decent VR. Below is some gameplay, below that an approximation of the VR persepctive.



That’s all for this week, more later. Do join in if there’s any indie happenings you'd like to share. In the meantime there’s still a few days to go on the Destructoid Humble Bundle indie games sale go and check it out, it’s worth it just for Hotline Miami.

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