Fez review – a superb platform game with a twist

Dimensions are a matter of perspective.

A somewhat counter-intuitive and disarming idea but one that must be applied to the wonderful Fez, which has finally arrived on PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita after huge success on XBLA. Ostensibly a 2D platform game, Fez's visually splendid, spacious, rural world – itself a homage to vintage gaming archetypes – is in fact a 3D realm.

Its levels are explored in two dimensions, but the viewpoint can be revolved through three dimensions. Which is a mechanic the game uses to great effect, presenting the player with a toybox of interactive optical illusions, as a turn of 90 degrees rearranges each level's elements. Alongside this bewildering and yet fascinating structure, lies a terrific platformer, intelligent and intriguing in its realisation.

The core game can be concluded in some eight hours, but it does offer more and to delve into its depths is truly satisfying, as concealed within are a wealth of abstract codes and cryptic puzzles.

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