The Elder Scrolls Online – what’s next, and a new cinematic trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online Screen 18

Some launch day words from the game’s director, and witness the siege on the Imperial City of Cyrodil.

So, now that ESO is here and everyone has the chance to play, what’s next for the MMO addition to the Elder Scrolls universe?

In a launch day post over on The Elder Scrolls Online’s website yesterday, Game Director Matt Firor teased; “soon we’ll be unveiling Craglorn, our first Veteran-level, end-game zone tailored for small and large groups which offers lots more hours of gameplay and new areas to explore.”

Firor also talked about the task of creating such a huge game, saying; “making a AAA online RPG with the scope and scale of The Elder Scrolls Online is a daunting development effort, and we couldn’t have done it without our talented team and the most supportive fans in the world. Thanks for helping us reach this day.”

In another tidbit of information, the game’s director also teased us to “stay tuned for all the new and exciting things we’ll have to share with you in the coming weeks and months. This is only the beginning.”

Not only were we treated to info of upcoming content, but a new five minute long cinematic showing a siege on the Imperial City in Cyrodil was also released. Watch the video below, it follows on from the previous cinematic videos that have been released, and is nothing short of epic.

The Cyrodil region in the game is where PVP combat takes place, pitting the three factions' players against one another to dominate the entire region's keeps and resources, and eventually claim the Imperial City's throne for themselves. I sampled the PVP in the beta, and it was definitely the most stand-out part of the game for me - you can read my beta impressions part one and part two, and find out what I experienced. I'm currently only level 8 with my new character I've been playing with this week, but in only two more levels I'll be able to jump back into the PVP and vie for the throne myself.

What kind of new content do you think we’ll be seeing? Did you enjoy the new cinematic? Let us know in the comments below.

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