Deep Down: Capcom's exclusive PS4 RPG

Deep Down

Deep Down is a free to play hack and slash RPG/Dungeon crawler style game, exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

Originally serving as a demonstration of Capcom's new engine "Panta Rhei", Capcom have introduced an ambitious new project called "Deep Down".

This upcoming title was first introduced at the Sony conference for the Playstation 4 reveal. The title is free-to-play and currently exclusive to the Playstation 4. It appears to be an online 3rd person hack and slash, RPG style game. However, it is not set in the past.

Instead, the game is set in 2094 in New York City. You take on the role of something similar to an archaeologist and the plot revolves around travelling back through time by touching artefacts the you have recovered. You are tasked with replaying memories attached to the artefacts, reliving the experiences through exploring dungeons; which will be automatically generated, seeking treasure, fighting monsters, bosses and finding artefacts. You will also have the ability to choose skills and armour before entering a mission.

The main character is part of a group known as "Ravens" appears to have a power or gift of some sort which allows him/her to not only interact, but to see and relive memories attached to artefacts. There are many fantasy elements incorporated into to the game and it certainly looks challenging. Many of the monsters appear to look quite demonic, some are not easy to take down; one of the bosses which has been shown is a dragon.

Not a lot is known about this title, however, we expect a lot more information to arrive closer to the release of the game. A release date is yet to be announced.

Check out the TGS 2013 gameplay trailer:

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