10 lost engagement rings and how they where found

10 Lost Engagement Rings

Have you ever lost something valuable only to find it again years later? These women have ....

After being married for only 6 months my wonderful husband lost his wedding ring! We searched and searched for it without any luck before deciding it had been sucked into a black hole, never to be seen again. So we replaced the ring - with a MUCH cheaper version, and i only brought it up like every 5 minutes we never spoke about it again. Six years past by and on a spring afternoon my husband was doing a spot of DIY. When he couldn't find a particular tool I was called in to join the search. Naturally I started with the tool box where he had already "looked", and to my surprise sitting neatly at the bottom of the box was the missing wedding ring! How it got there will always remain a mystery.

I thought my story was pretty impressive but some of these ladies stories will leave you a-gasp ...

10 Lost Engagement Rings And How They Were Found

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