SoE ponder Morpheus VR for Everquest Next

Project Morpheus

We ponder if Sony should be working to bring Morpheus integration to PCs

Played in the first person, big online multiplayers make for natural VR integration. Cruising through big open worlds is only going to get more awesome with VR. In an interview with IGN, Sony Online Entertainment's David Georgeson sees clear possibilities for VR for Everquest Next, SoE’s next installment in the epic MMORPG Everquest saga.

“VR and AR are things that I personally am extremely excited about”. says Georgeson, “I honestly think that’s the future of gaming. But we have a lot of miles to go before we sleep. So we need to build the game, and then we can talk about virtual reality and stuff beyond that.”

"I will tell you this though: I’m hugely interested in Project Morpheus. So… we’ll see what happens."

Although an Everquest Next port for PS4 is rumoured, the game is in development at this stage for PC, a platform that as yet isn’t planned to support Sony’s PS4 VR prototype. As Georgeson notes, “Morpheus is only for PlayStation 4. So if we’re making a PC product, obviously we’re not embracing Morpheus, unless Sony does some really cool stuff with it.”

This immediately raises the issue of possible PC compatibility for Morpheus. SoE’s main business is in big MMOs on PC and gifting SoE’s online PC audience a VR alternative may well turn some heads. It will certainly make things more interesting for Oculus, albeit that their prototype just got $2 billion cooler.

What are your thoughts, would you like to see Morpheus in the PC gaming space or is the Oculus’ realm?

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