Daylight: New trailer and screenshots released

Daylight Screenshot

If horror show scares are your thing, Daylight’s got plenty. For a taste of what you’re in for we have some fresh new screens and a build up trailer.

Daylight, the procedurally generated, ‘run for your life’ horror game is coming to get you on PC and PS4 on April 29th  In anticipation of it’s arrival Atlus have revealed some in game screens from the PS4 version.

You can see  below that Sarah’s mobile acts as an in-game map. Developers Zombie Studios have stated that this isn’t how the final mapping feature is guaranteed to appear. Whilst Zombie want, "to keep players exploring and on the right track," the map's only going to give you a limited amount of information. Zombie state, ‘the map will only complete for rooms that you explore, and doesn't have too much detail on it, so it won't become a crutch for players. Not to mention, it'll still be subject to any sort of outside interference," fair indication that when your mobile glitches out it’s time to run.

Daylight Screen 1

Inside the Dr's office


daylight screen 2



daylight screen 3

Spooky staircase with phone going wrong


daylight screen 4

Moon phases and zodiac signs?


daylight screen 5

Down in the sewers

 daylight screen 6

Underground root systems

Below is the ‘Somebody’s Watching’ trailer. Daylight is looking claustrophobic, tense and suitably scary..This game's all about delivering shocks and scares on the fly; firstly by having the game generate a unique set of encounters each time you play and secondly by allowing other gamers to wail in on your livestream. This gives Daylight great replayability and a consistent scare factor as there’s no linear sequence of scares to learn. We’re just hoping the cardboard voice acting won’t detract too much from the terror.

Horror fans are you looking forward to Daylight?

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