Daylight: New survival horror game coming to PS4 and PC

Daylight Screenshot

A new psychological horror game from Zombie Studios will hit the stores sometime during April 2014 for PC and PS4 running on the brand new Unreal 4 Engine.

Daylight is a psychological, survival horror experience played in the first person perspective. Set in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, the player, who is without weapons, will have to use only the light of a mobile phone and flares to escape the hospital and the horrors within it.

The game starts with the main character Sarah waking up in the abandoned psychiatric facility called "Mid Island Hospital" and she has no idea how she got there.

You get to take on the perspective of a young woman with one task on her mind, getting the hell out of there. The young girl, Sarah Gwynn is not alone in the hospital and will frequently have to use flares to ward off ghastly figures. However, even despite the ability to ward these spirits off, sometimes the only option is to run. You will be continuously unaware of what exactly is lurking around in the shadows; the unknown is a major theme in this horror installment.

Japanese horror is what Zombie Studios have compared this game to; instead of blood, guts and mutilation associated with American horror, this game will have the player frequently questioning their mind.

Is it just a gust of wind?, is it just the floorboards creaking? There are many evil supernatural forces with the intention of taking Sarah's life away from her so being on your guard and concentrating on the little details is an important factor in this experience.

It could have just been the wind and the player will have been unnecessarily freaking out over nothing. Your mind being the target, this game is determined to play with it. Whether its the sound effects, the menacing shadows created by the flickering lights or from the flashlight, you can never be too sure what is lurking among them which is what makes this game beautiful.

The rooms which you explore are completely generated at random, making this experience different each and every time you play, you won't be having the same experience twice and you certainly won't be memorizing your way out if you almost had it figured in your previous run. Infact, not even the spirits and scares will be the same, you will rarely ever have identical experiences. You will definitely not be getting used to the sound effects since they are randomly generated and may or may not indicate a threat to the player.

Since there is no combat, running for your life is going to be your ticket out of a nasty situation and even when you think you have warded off an evil supernatural being, your enemy will always remain completely undefeatable and will always be lurking around. The players task is to guide Sarah to safety whilst also taking a step into her perspective and sharing the fear.

There has been a large emphasis on sharing in this experience, not only through the duality between the player and Sarah but also with others, so if you are on the PS4, you will have a good opportunity to make use of that share button. Especially livestreaming!

Livestreaming is one of the aims Zombie Studio hopes to achieve through this title, with the intention of allowing the audience to have control over the fear in the players experience. This improved connection between player and audience is hopefully something which will inspire other companies to incorporate similar dynamics, allowing scope for a next generation, not only of horror, but also of streaming and utilizing the technology available on both the PC and Playstation 4 to create the best experience for the player.

Be sure to check out the trailer below and let us know what you think...

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