Ten MMORPGs to look out for in 2014 (Part One)

Blade and Soul

HITCs list of ten of the best Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games expected this year.

We love a good MMORPG at HITC and seeing as some of the big anticipated MMOs are starting to arrive we thought we’d roundup ten of the upcoming titles we’re expecting to do well. What’s particularly good to see this year is plenty of MMORPGs with decent player versus player (PVP) content. Whilst it’s great fun to go dungeon raiding with your guildies for those uber loots, PVP action will always be better and MMOs that lack PVP or add it on later as an afterthought often suffer as a result in our opinion. There’s also a fair bit of variety to choose from this year for those of you keen to start out at level 1.

Henceforth we doth descry the prophecies of war, that shalt this season our gaming lusts fulfil. Read on fair heros lest thy perilous urge for glory be thwarted by morbid apathy!

The Elder Scrolls Online - April 4th 2014 (Mac and PC) June 2014 (PS4 and Xbox One)

Bethesda’s venture into the MMORPG space has the credentials to compete with World of Warcraft and no doubt will stand as the biggest MMORPG release since Star Wars the Old Republic. It’s been reported this month that some 5 million players have signed up for the beta. Whilst the game is consciously making it easy for solo players to grind up the levels Skyrim-style, the massively-multiplayer PVP content is there. We fully expect TESO to be huge and we’ve been covering the beta here. While it appears that TESO is your nuts-and-bolts MMORPG and won’t bring anything genre-smashingly new to the table, TESO is a class act with some lovely graphics and a selection of voice actors that reads like the cast list to a Richard Curtis film. In case you’ve been living under a rock and missed all the TESO hooha, here’s a trailer for your perusal

Wildstar - 3rd June (PC)

We fanfared the release announcement of sci-fi MMORPG Wildstar earlier this month. It’s a MMORPG title that we fully expect to do well in 2014 just for it’s originality. Wildstar will bring in a new telegraph combat system where you and your opponents will be able to see the area of effect of attacks before they land.This not only gives players the chance to dodge incoming damage but will also mean that you need to manually aim your moves in combat, instead of relying on tab targeting to lock on. The resulting action makes for some hectic yet skillful fights especially in PVP. Whilst opinion is divided over Wildtar’s combat system it's giving MMORPG heads something fresh to try out, please check out the video below to see what we’re talking about.

Black Desert Online - 2014 TBA (PC and PS4?)

News came out in February that Korean developers Pearl Abyss were working on an English client for high fantasy MMORPG Black Desert Online and there’s also been hints for a PS4 version. BDO brings in some enticing new features; there will be un-instanced player housing, ‘tradeskill’ abilities like fishing have been turned into neat little mini-games and you’ll get to hack and slash it out in huge city-wide siege battles. The graphics look impressive too and you’ll be able to climb up buildings Assassins Creed style. Check out the trailer, here’s hoping it won’t be one big grind convention, BDO is looking rather nice.

Blade & Soul - 2014 TBA (currently available on PC and PS3 in Asia)

Two years back NCSoft announced Blade & Soul, currently available across Asia, would be getting localised for western audiences. It’s a long job not just for the language translation but also for balancing the game to suit western play styles. We’re crossing our fingers for Blade & Soul to come our way this year (you can go and play on Asain servers if it doesn’t), this game bears similarities to TERA with the addition of awesome arcade-style chain combos and some beautiful artwork. Check out the combos trailer we think you’ll be suitably impressed.

Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms - 2014 TBA (Unity engine browser based)

We’re interested to track the reception of Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms mainly to see if it can legitimise browser based MMORPGs. GoTSK will be placing the empahsis on sandbox PVP using real-time combat. Breaking down the concept of MMORPG class archetypes, GoTSK lets you pick abilities that suit you best from a global skills pool. There’s also a separate weapon levelling system allowing you to become elite with your weapon of choice. Joint developers Bigpoint and Artplant are working closely with HBO to give GoTSK the look of the Game of Thrones TV show and given the massive popularity for the TV adaptaion of George R R Martin’s romping fantasy page-turners, we expect GoTSK to get a lot of interest. You can see more below.

That’s part one done with, we’ll be back next week with some more MMORPGs to look out for. Do pitch in if any of these titles have caught your eye, or if there’s any MMORPGs not on the list that you’re itching to play. 

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