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Why this Derby County youngster can only improve in the Premier League

Will Hughes won the football league Young Player of the Year and is considered a huge talent for the future, long linked with Liverpool.

Will Hughes is a player much spoken about. But for all that talk, a lot of people don't understand the hype. Some have labelled him as overrated, even supporters of the club for which he plays. 

He's not a flamboyant player, he doesn't take long-range shots looking for the top corner when it would be better to pass. Hughes' game is all about simplicity, and that's what makes it so great to watch. 

The Championship is different to the Premier League in that you generally receive less time on the ball as well as less room to manoeuvre. Hughes manages to play his composed game in this league though, creating time and making the ability to thread through cute balls.

This is why I can only see his improvement in the Premier League. The physical side is a challenge that will take some time to adapt to, and I'm not sure if he's ready for that just yet. It's a part of his game he knows he has to work on, but if ever time was on someone's side, it's his.

His passing and movement at times wouldn't be out of place in the Barcelona team. Clearly he wouldn't get into a Barcelona team right now, but the way he's modelled the styles of Xavi and Iniesta are clear. Composed on the ball, Hughes never looks flustered and always seems to have time. Things are usually done to his pace, until out of nowhere he'll turn it on and ghost past a player with the ball seemingly under a spell.

Usually when a young player is coming through in this country and receives a lot of attention, they are a certain type of player. They are the Zaha's, full of pace and trickery. They were the Gerrard's, explosive shooting and ability. They were the Rooneys, physical and full of energy and goals.

I don't think we have yet had a young player in this country whose been raved about of the style of Will Hughes. Jack Wilshere is the obvious option for his vision and creativity, but the physical differences between the two are vast. 

Like Rooney and Gerrard, Hughes pops up all over the pitch and is dedicated both going forward and getting back. Under McClaren, his licence to go forward has been extended and he's been allowed some freedom. 

Of course, he's not always effective. But asking for a player in his second full season, not yet 19, to dominate and control every game is unreasonable. What he will do is saunter past a player, play a one-two and then knock it through to a runner.

If he's not ready for the Premier League yet, he'll be an even more exciting prospect by the time he is. And one thing that can be done in the meantime if we want more players like Hughes to one day play for our national side, is recognise the impact futsal can have on a player's development and keep on investing time and money to it.  

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