Nightmare Superman set to join Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis Nightmare Superman 1

The tainted Man of Steel will support your team in many different ways this April.

The free-to-play DC Universe based MOBA, Infinite Crisis, has introduced its latest champion – Nightmare Superman.

So how did our caped crusader end up as the Phantom King? Well, the story goes like this... all across Metropolis Phantom Zone portals began to appear, with hundreds of howling phantoms surging out. Armed with an ecto-suit his father built, Superman flew through one of the portals and came across a being called Aethyr, who had been slumbering in the Zone for eons. Superman defeated Aethyr, but became infested with Phantom Zone energy. Whilst Superman fought against Aethyr, the citizens of Metropolis were transformed into phantoms themselves. Not being able to bear what had happened, Superman’s mind shattered, and now he just wanders the city he could not protect - you gotta feel bad for the guy.

In the game, Nightmare Superman uses Phantom Zone energies to shut down his enemies and protect his allies.

The video below talks us through what we can expect when Nightmare Superman is unleashed on 9 April.

You can sign up to the open beta for Infinite crisis on the official website.

Do you play Infinite Crisis? What do you think of Nightmare Superman? Let us know in the comments below!

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