Watch Dogs: PlayStation exclusive gameplay trailer revealed.

Watch Dogs Screen 1

Ubisoft are gifting PS3 and PS4 gamers four exclusive missions for their upcoming AAA action-adventure Watch Dogs. We’ve got a trailer for you.

According to Ubisoft the additional missions will give roughly an extra hours playtime. You’ll get to exact some revenge on Umeni Technologies on behalf of the DedSec hackers group. If you complete the missions you’ll unlock the White Hat Hacker Outfit for Aiden Pierce to run around in, along with some bonus tech points.

PS3 and PS4 gamers will be able to download the additional content using a code that comes with the game. It’s reported that the Watch Dogs add-on missions will only remain exclusive to PS3/PS4 versions for the first six months following release, after which time it will become available to other consoles.

Watch Dogs is set for release on 27th May for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and PS4 with a due date for Wii U stil to be announced.

Here’s the trailer to tie you over until then. We love big action titles at HITC and this one’s going to be massive, are you looking forward to Watch Dogs?

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