Wii U to get influx of games from indie Unity developers.

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17 titles built on the Unity engine are due for release on Wii U within the next two months with a further 50 to follow says spokesman.

Wii U gamers suffering from a dearth of games will be pleased to hear that over 50 Unity engine titles are planned to make an appearance on Wii U this year.

The announcement came from Damon Baker, Senior Manager of Marketing at Nintendo's America's Licensing department, speaking at the Games Developer Conference this month.

Nintendo initially struck a deal with Unity last year to bring a Wii U-specific version of the Unity engine to their 8th Gen console. Unity now comes bundled free with Wii U development kits giving indie developers used to working with the engine a platform to debut their work to Nintendo’s extensive audience.

Of course this should also benefit Wii U which has so far struggled to draw in third party developers. There’s currently over a million Unity developers worldwide making every game type imaginable and if more games creators using Unity take to Wii U then the console stands to broaden its horizons considerably.

Nintendo are also considering adding Unity compatibility to the 3DS although nothing solid is yet in place.

At the time of writing we’re still waiting to hear confirmation as to which Unity titles are in the pipeline but will report back as we know more.

If you’re a Wii U gamer are you excited by the prospect of getting some indie titles? We’d also be interested to hear from any Unity developers planning to build on the Wii U. Please use the comments below to let us know your thoughts. 


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