Sony to make exclusive TV shows for PS4

PS4 Collection

Following the lead from Netflix, Sony plan to produce their own exclusive TV series for PS4, adding to the competition for established broadcasters.

The news follows earlier announcements that Sony will be offering pay-to-view TV services from traditional cable channels on the PS4 after they struck a deal with Viacom last year.

Now plans are underway for a number of PS4 exclusive TV series starting with a supernatural cop show entitled ‘Powers’. Sony will draw from its pre-established Sony Pictures Television studio to produce and publish their new shows.

Sony aren’t alone in the exclusive TV shows for consoles race. Microsoft have reportedly enlisted Steven Spielberg to produce a live action series for Xbox One based on the Halo franchise. By being able to dip into their own TV production company however Sony will have the edge going forward.

What do you think about this news. Do you think either of the console giants will bring out hit TV shows that will compete, or will their shows play second fiddle to the must-watch hit series from companies like Sky and Netflix? Please use the comments below to share your view.

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