Lethe - a first-person steampunk horror!

Lethe Screen 1

A supernatural horror reminiscent of Amnesia and Outlast over on Steam Greenlight.

Greek developer KoukoStudios’ game, Lethe, appeared on Steam Greenlight earlier this month, along with a teaser trailer, which you can view below.

The impressive looking Unreal Engine horror focusses on Robert Dawn, a journalist in a 1920’s steampunk world who is looking for clues following a disaster on a secluded island. When Robert comes across a strange substance, he develops psychokinetic powers, that come at a price. His newfound powers are feeding on his life energy, but to stay alive Robert must consume the same strange substance that’s killing him and granted him the powers to begin with. When he discovers he’s not alone on the island, his situation only gets worse.

Along with the teaser trailer, the developers more recently released their Greenlight Trailer, which shows off some gameplay and divulges some of the supernatural abilities. Check it out below!

If you like the look of the game why not head on over to their Greenlight page and throw them a thumbs up!

Is this your kind of game? Will you be voting over on Steam Greenlight? Let us know in the comments below!

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