Pre-loading to come to PS4 next month say Sucker Punch

Ps4 Unveil

In response to pre-loading queries for InFamous Sucker Punch say, ‘No preload on PS4 until April’

PC gamers have been enjoying the benefits of pre-loaded games for a fair old while. Steam and Origin both give gamers the ability to have new titles pre-loaded ready for immediate kick-off on release.

Now it seems PS4 gamers won’t have to wait much longer to get in on the pre-load party. Responding to gamers on Twitter calling for InFamous: Second Son pre-loads, Sucker Punch are letting on that it will be coming next month.

This has yet to be officially confirmed by Sony but it’s safe to assume that one of Sony’s first-party studios should have their facts straight.

Microsoft are also planning to add pre-load functionality to Xbox One although no confirmed date has yet been announced.

Does pre-loading come as good news to you? Is this an added perk you would of liked to have seen when PS4 launched?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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