InFamous: Second Son opening gameplay video (beware spoiler)

InFamous Second Son

Sucker Punch’s PS4 exclusive is out and for anyone undecided about InFamous: Second Son we’ve found a 25 minute HD video of the opening gameplay.

By it’s concept alone InFamous is always going to be a title to struggle to give a good gritty story given that you gain super powers. This said, Second Son echoes the current culture for state controlled safety (replace terrorist with conduit mutant). We’re sure this will make for a much more enjoyable play-through as the bad guy. The powers that be in Second Son have got Seattle under surveillance lock-down, these dictators need to be shown! Delsin is coming across a bit cheesy but hey, he’s a superhero/villain in the making so let's leave the deep and meaningful soliloquies for the Shakespears of the world. In the meantime sit back and bask in the slick graphics that are making InFamous: Second Son look like a solid candidate for the latest must-have PS4 action adventure game.

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