Upcoming PS4 games 2014 (Part Three)

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Our series on PS4 games coming out this year continues with a Capcom PS4 exclusive, some new game engines and a PC MMO port.

If your PS4 is suffering from a games drought don’t worry there’s plenty of titles still to come this year. Here’s some more games we’ve selected that we expect to be big hitters. 

Deep Down (working title) - TBA 2014

Capcom are designing Deep Down to make the best of the PS4’s hardware specs and are building it using their brand new Panta Rhei engine. Set in the future you play as a member of the Ravens, a group who can read the memories stored in artifacts and use them to travel back in time for some good honest dungeon crawling. Early comparisons have been made to Dark Souls although the gameplay doesn’t look to be so mercilessly punishing. Expect some good visceral melee-thumping, crisp cinematics, well-buffed armour and gratuitously rendered gore. Deep Down will be free to play and heavily multiplayer focused with dungeons being ‘automatically generated’ to suit your raiding party. It’s looking beautiful as well, the trailer below claims to be in-game footage and if that’s true this game is going to look awesome check out the fire effects.

EA Sports UFC 14 - Spring 2014

While we’re on the subject of awesome graphics we have to mention EA Sports UFC 14. We’re very excited about this one. A bunch of grimacing MMA hardnuts never looked so real in a game. UFC 14 is another new engine baby made with EA’s Ignite Engine, which has also been used on Madden 25, NBA Live 14, and FIFA 14. We showed the latest developer diary video earlier this week detailing the body deformation system check it out, this is some hyper-real looking fight action.

Mad Max - TBA 2014

Before Mel Gibson went full-mullet in Lethal Weapon he was carving his niche as the unhinged anti hero in the cyber punk-tastic Mad Max. Whilst Mel’s not in the new Mad Max game (a NES Mad Max title was out in 1990) the cast of beefed-up muscle cars will be making an appearance. In fact the game’s emphasis leans towards kitting out your motor and getting the precious little fuel there is in post-apocalyptic game-land to keep it running. There’s plenty of car battles too, interspersed with the usual open-world third person sneaking, shooting and questing antics. You also get to race around in a lot of open desert making this a sandbox game in a sandbox. Mad Max hails from Avalanche Studios, here's what's in store. 

Planetside 2 - TBA 2014

PS4 has a few Sony Online MMOs coming it's way. PC gamers have been battling it out over the alien world of Auraxis on Planetside 2 since 2012 and sometime this year PS4 gamers will get to experience the action albeit on separate servers. Planetside 2 is a three-team MMO FPS territorial battle that keeps on going even when you log off. There’s RPG aspects; you get to choose from different classes ranging from supporting combat medics to MAX suit wearing heavy artillery and there’s also land and air war vehicles for you to play around in Battlefield style. We’re always interested to see how MMO games ported from PC to console fare. We found DC Universe, a previous cross-platform MMO from Sony was a bit lacking on PS3. Incidentally a PS4 port of DC Universe is already going well and further down the line Sony Online’s big MMORPG Everquest Next will also be out. Planetside 2 is a great free to play MMO to drop into for some epic scale war made all the more better with a decent server population. Here’s a trailer.

Rime - TBA 2014

There’s little to find on the content of Rime and in many ways that’s a good thing. We know it looks like a Studio Ghibli manga inspired title (see Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch) and we know it’s got a boy running around in a haunting 3D game world (see Ico) and these two things alone are enough to grab our attention. Rime is coming from Tequila Works who previously brought us Deadlight. A very lovely looking trailer is below. 

That’s all for now, though there’s plenty more to come and some more big games we’ve already looked at in part one and part two.

Please do drop us a comment on any PS4 titles that are getting you inspired.

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